Mobility as a Service

What we do

The MaaSLab is an enthusiastic multidisciplinary research team looking to keep at the forefront of the ever-changing transport sector. Springing from the Urban Transport and Energy Group at University College London (UCL), MaaSLab aims to keep interested individuals updated on news about MaaS, new mobility services, and cutting edge research findings. We also provide in-depth insights and guidance about MaaS to industry and public sector.

Our expertise

MaaSLab focuses on urban and inter-urban transport and explores new mobility service, such as shared-mobility, on-demand services, automated vehicles, drones and flying cars, and new mobility concepts, such as Mobility as a Service in developed and developing countries. Its expertise lies on transport and behavioral models, survey design and innovative data collection techniques, big data handling, GIS, data visualization and new mobility service design. MaaSLab has several research projects on the aforementioned topics, while it works closely with the industry and public authorities to make sure that the innovative solutions and methods are utilized in real-life and have an impact on society.

What is MaaS?

Check the MaaS Dictionary for the definition of MaaS and the MaaS actors: Download the dictionary

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