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Mobility as a Service Lab

Welcome to MaaSLab
the future of mobility
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Transport Models for
Passenger & Freight

 Multimodal transport modelling and simulation platforms: integrated spatial and transport modelling platform for evidence-based decision making; machine learning and optimisation algorithms for multimodal operational platforms; algorithms for multimodal simulation platforms used for scenarios testing and planning. 

Societal Changes &
Consumer Behaviour

  Behavioural demand modelling and social acceptance: survey design, advanced data collection tools for social research, stated preference experiments design, behavioural demand and choice models, willingness to pay.

Futuristic Car

New Mobility Services & Business models

  Business models: research regarding the penetration of the new mobility technologies and concepts in the market, the operators of these technologies and concepts, the value creation, product design and pricing, the costs and profits. 



Research translates to policy recommendations that address the needs of different social groups ensuring fair and just policy making. Through behavioral research we inform policy makers to ensure policy acceptance and efficiency.



Customised service for industrial partners and public authorities who want to receive tailored made solutions

Creative Working

A multidisciplinary research

team at the forefront of the ever-changing  transport sector

The MaaSLab is an enthusiastic multidisciplinary research team looking to keep at the forefront of the ever-changing transport sector. MaaSLab aims to keep interested individuals updated on news about MaaS, new mobility services, and cutting edge research findings. We also provide in-depth insights and guidance about MaaS to industry and public sector.

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