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Data & Technology

The constant development of Information and Communication Technology is changing the amount, type and quality of data available to transport agencies/authorities and providers. By utilizing multiple automatic data sources like smart cards, GPS locations and mobility tracking apps, transport planners and engineers are now able to make better decisions in planning, managing and evaluating existing and new mobility services and systems. These improvements are generated from a series of qualitative and quantitative procedures like:

  • Better travel demand estimations and predictions

  • Identification of behavioral regularities

  • Quantification of service reliabilities

  • Evaluation of travel demand management policies, etc.

Therefore, a part of MaaSLab's research is centered around:

  • ways and methodologies to collect, use, manipulate and analyze vast quantities and different types of data

  • the provision of accurate estimations and predictions both on the demand and the supply side

  • consulting transport authorities towards efficient and smart transportation policies.

For more details on our work, please visit our projects and publications.

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