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Mobility as a Service

The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept envisages a cooperative and interconnected single transport market where users are provided with hassle free door to door mobility. At MaaSlab, we conduct novel research covering end-user needs, business models and data requirements with the aim to inform industry actors and policy.

At the front-line of the fast-evolving MaaS market

Starting in 2015, MaaSLab was among the first research groups who aspired to examine the MaaS concept. Exploring MaaS developments from their early days, as well as working closely with industry and policy actors have provided MaaSLab with a unique perspective on this rapidly evolving concept. Harnessing this position and utilizing our understanding of the concepts evolutionary steps helps us position our research where it is most relevant.


Taking the ecosystem perspective

MaaS is an ecosystem based on an intricate network of interconnected systems, which all interact and cooperate. MaaSLab research takes into account all elements of the ecosystem, including end users, business models, data and policy. The overarching understanding of the whole network brings credibility and quality to our research.


Real world applicability and global outlook

Our research aims to produce results with real-world applicability, which can help shape successful and sustainable MaaS schemes. As the concept is not yet mature, research is needed to guide advancements and better understand the potential impacts such schemes can have on travel behaviour and the network. Building on our expanding global network, we aspire to conduct analysis in various areas (not necessarily bound by geographical borders).


For more details on our work, please visit our projects and publications.

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