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MaaS Maturity Index 

We created the MaaS Maturity Index (MMI) to assess the readiness of metropolitan areas for the implementation of MaaS.  Various characteristics which affect the likelihood of a successful MaaS implementation are assessed to determine an aggregate score showing how ready a city is to implement MaaS.  The calculator can be used to demonstrate what improvements are needed to make a city ready for MaaS.  Scores can be compared across cities, showing where MaaS providers could have the greatest impact. 

How it Works

The dimensions and sub-dimensions included in the index were identified through a comprehensive literature review and elicitation with MaaS experts and practitioners. The index is made up of five broad dimensions:

  • Transport operators openness and data sharing: the extent to which transport operators share data and make API’s available to third parties. This includes whether data and API’s are made ‘open’ and ‘open source’.

  • Citizen familiarity and willingness: the extent to which citizens lifestyles and behaviour aligns with a MaaS model of transport provision. This includes travel behaviour and use of MaaS related technologies.

  • Policy, regulation and legislation: the extent to which key policies, regulations and laws which support MaaS are in place. These may be at a city level or a national level.

  • Transport services and infrastructure: the readiness the current transport system is for MaaS. This includes the variety of modes available, the density of services, the frequency of services and the integration of services.

  • ICT infrastructure: the penetration of MaaS enabling technologies. This includes internet access and smart ticketing infrastructure.

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