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Welcome to MaaS Lab

The challenge

Technological innovations and the rise of the shared-economy are dramatically changing the way people travel. With the 'as a service' thinking making its way into the transport sector, new mobility concepts, such as car- and bike- sharing, peer-to-peer and ride sourcing are constantly being established. This culture of innovation and rapid technological adoption has enabled new mobility service business models that support the paradigm shift from car-ownership to usership. One of the most novel ideas emerging from this environment is the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept. MaaS aims to bridge the gap between public and private transport operators on a city, intercity and national level, and envisages the integration of the currently fragmented tools and services a traveller needs to conduct a trip (planning, booking, access to real time information, payment and ticketing). MaaS, and all the new mobility services and technologies, including autonomous vehicles, could lead to an unprecedented decline in personal automobile use in urban areas and thus reduce traffic congestion, energy use, and emissions.

What we do

The MaaSLab is an enthusiastic multidisciplinary research team looking to keep at the forefront of this ever-changing sector. Springing from the Urban Transport and Energy Group at University College London (UCL), MaaSLab aims to keep interested individuals updated on news about MaaS, new mobility services, and cutting edge research findings. We also provide in-depth insights and guidance about MaaS to industry and public sector.

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