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The MaaSlab is  one  of  the  leading research teams  on  new mobility  services gathering cutting edge innovative knowledge and insights  for  use  in mobility services design, transport  planning, and policy.  Researchers  from  different  disciplines,  such  as transport  modelling,  data  and  computer sciences,  mathematics,  and  economics  merge their  powers  to deliver  cutting  edge  research  regarding the technology, the data, the business models and the demand management needed for the digital era in the transport sector.  

Research Staff

Prof. Maria Kamargianni

Associate Professor of Transport & Energy

Transport modeller

Maria is the Head of MaaSLab. She is an expert in the MaaS concept. Her work mainly focuses on MaaS product design and pricing, demand and supply analysis, and business models. She has extensive experience in consumer choice modelling, big data handling, survey design and transport modeling. She is a Lecturer in Transport & Energy at UCL Energy Institute.

Dr Melinda Matyas

Senior Research Associate

 Demand Modeller

Melinda's expertise focuses on analysing and modelling the demand for Mobility as a Service.  She  works  on  big  data  and  GPS  traces analysis,  and  smartphone  based  travel  survey tools connecting and exploiting open API information. She has a background in economics and is currently a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Energy Institute.

Emmanouil (Manos) Chaniotakis

Lecturer in Transport Modelling and Machine Learning

His research focuses on modelling and simulation of transportation systems, including conventional and emerging transportation systems, demand modelling, and machine learning in transportation. 

Dr Ping-Jen Kao

Research Fellow

Business Models Researcher

Ping-Jen is a research fellow in business model innovation. His research revolves around the themes of business model innovation, service innovation, intelligent mobility, marketing strategy, and online consumer behavior. He received his doctoral degree from the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Prof.  Andreas Schäfer

Energy Demand Modeller

Andreas is Professor of Energy and Transport, Director of Research at the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources, and a Visiting Professor at Stanford University. He is an expert in energy demand for transport.

Lampros Yfantis

Transport Operations Modeller

Lampros' expertise focuses on modelling, developing and assessing MaaS operations and the complex interdependent MaaS demand and supply dynamics. He works on simulation-based modelling, optimization and integration of supply and demand for intelligent mobility systems. He has a background in transportation engineering and operations research and is currently a Doctoral Researcher in UCL Energy Institute.

Kuba Muscat

Demand Modeller

Kuba's expertise focuses on modelling demand for transport.  His work centres around big data, new mobility services and sustainable transport.  He has a background in economics and planning and is currently a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Energy Institute

Weijian Xu

Demand Modeller

Weijian’s expertise focuses on analysing travel behaviour developments and forecasting travel demand based on new mobility services. He has a background in transportation modelling and big data analysis and is currently a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Energy Institute.

Sridhar Raman

Software Developer

Sridhar is a software developer.  He has extensive experience in the urban mobility domain building mobility-related apps and handling big data.  He has a software engineering background having worked in the industry for more than 12 years. He is a Research Assistant at UCL Energy Institute.

          Anne Dowling

Transport Policy Analyst

Anne’s research centres around public policy development and standardization of implementation of new mobility services. Her background is in program management and functional solution architecture design for public transport technologies, working in the industry for over 15 years. She is a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Energy Institute.

Dimitris Pappelis 

Demand Modeller

Dimitris’ expertise focuses on modelling the dynamics of travel behaviour for demand forecasting within a new mobility services environment. His work is based on machine learning (ML) techniques, Markov decision processes (MDPs) and dynamic discrete choice models (DDCMs). He has an engineering background with plentiful experience on optimization modelling and is currently a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Energy Institute.

Visiting Affiliates

Richard Goulding

Business Analyst

Ricky's work focuses on preparing cities for initiating Mobility as a Service schemes by exploring several aspects such as data openness, transport operators openness, infrastructure integration and citizens' openness to new mobility concepts. He has a background in Geography and Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment.

Katerina Kampouri

Transport Engineer

Katerina's expertise focuses on transportation engineering, urban and regional planning and development, transportation planning, design and construction of road pavements. She has a background on Matlab software modeling and is currently an Erasmus+ placement student in Maaslab.

Rita Saviano 

Management Engineer

Rita’s expertise focuses on management engineering. For her MSc dissertation she works on forecasting bike travel demand and developing an optimization model for free floating bike relocation operations. She has a background in operations research and logistics and is currently a MSc student in Maaslab. 

Weibo Li

Demand Modeller

Weibo's expertise focuses on modelling transport mode choice behaviour using big data, forecasting transport demand and developing  urban  mobility solutions. He  has  plentiful  research  experience  in  big  data handling, fusions  and  analysis. He was a Doctoral Researcher at UCL Energy Institute.  

Dimitris Dimakopoulos

Data Scientist

Dimitris is a  data  scientist. His areas of expertise are big data handling and storing, cloud computing architectures, open data architectures and platforms, machine learning and open source entrepreneurship. He was a Research Assistant at UCL Energy Institute. 

Professional Services

Dr Georgia Kouta 

Research & Business Development Manager

Dr Georgia Kouta is the Research and Enterprise/Business Development Manager of MaaSLab at the Energy Institute in UCL. Prior to joining MaaSLab, Dr Kouta has professional experience in Academia, Government and Private Companies. She is instrumental in bringing together academia, industry and government departments effectively, by facilitating and contributing to the development of stakeholder relations and collaborative networks. Georgia is skilled in Public Affairs, Communication, International Relations and Research Management. 

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